Encampment Cyber Domain Module

 Initiated:  November 2016
 Progress:  In Progress

During 2015, National Cadet Cyber Programs made a recommendation to add a cyber module to the current Encampment curriculum. During the month of November, National Cadet Programs released a memorandum, to all region and wing director of cadet programs, outlining the changes to the program to include a new 1-hour Cyber Domain Module. Cadets will now get an introduction into all three operational domains to include: air, space, and the new cyberspace domain as well as:

  • Introduction into safe computing practices
  • Importance of cyber defense and cybersecurity to national interests
  • Cyber career exploration
  • Introduction into CAP cyber-related activities

Original NHQ/CP memorandum: http://www.cap-cyber.org/images/initiatives/Encampment/2017-Encampment-Memo.pdf 












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"To develop a cutting-edge and robust cyber-security education and training program, in efforts to prepare cadets (and seniors) for a career defending critical United States digital infrastructure."