CyberPatriot Playbook

 Initiated:  January 2015
 Progress:  Completed

Starting a CyberPatriot team maybe hard for most squadrons to execute. It takes resources like computers, facilities, internet connectivity, and instructors just to get a CyberPatriot team off the ground and ready to compete. The goal of the CyberPatriot playbook is to give unit commanders a centralized guide of competition rules, resources, and feedback on what has worked for previous CAP coaches. This will be designed as a living document with updates for each years competition.

To read or obtain a PDF copy of this playbook, please visit:

A special thanks to Lt Col Paul Creed, III (GLR-OH) for his work on this initiative. 
















"To develop a cutting-edge and robust cyber-security education and training program, in efforts to prepare cadets (and seniors) for a career defending critical United States digital infrastructure."