Cyber Defense Training Academy (CDTA)

 Initiated:  April 2014
 Progress:  Ongoing

Endorsed by the former 24 Air Force Commander (now Deputy Commander USCYBERCOM), Lt. Gen. Kevin McLaughlin, and funded by industry partners like the Alamo AFCEA Chapter; the Cyber Defense Training Academy is an academic resource designed to educate seniors and cadets in the field of Defensive Cyberspace Operations or DCO. Members overseeing the CDTA are not only active Civil Air Patrol members but also computer / network security professionals that bring a depth and breadth of knowledge in efforts to provide the cadets with the best "cyber" education possible. National competitions like CyberPatriot (high school) and the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (college) were designed to test our nation's youth in the field of computer and network security. But this can be difficult if the unit or squadron that is hosting the team has limited resources. CDTA is designed to bridge that initial educational gap, preparing our cadets to effectively participate in these competitions.

CDTA is home of the Cyberspace Familiarization, Advanced, Networking and Instructor Courses; CAP's first cyber NCSAs. For more information regarding CAP's Cyber Defense Training Academy, visit us at:


UPDATE - In 2017 we have added 2 new CDTA campuses in addition to the San Antonio, Texas main campus. These locations include: Maryland and New Mexico. For more information visit:










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"To develop a cutting-edge and robust cyber-security education and training program, in efforts to prepare cadets (and seniors) for a career defending critical United States digital infrastructure."