Cadet Cyber Program Initiatives are programs designed to promote cyber security education, training, practical application, and recognition. Each initiative is drafted and sent to National Cadet Programs (NCP) for ratification. If NCP approves, then it is put into action. Some actions, like uniform badges, will require National command approval. As you review our initiatives, you will notice a submitted and progress section. These are to inform our readers of where the initiative is in the approval pipeline. Some progress status messages of note include:

  • In draft
  • Awaiting National Cadet Programs Approval
  • Awaiting National Command Approval
  • Executed

In draft means that the program is being developed by the team. At times the team will look to the region, wing, and groups for input. Furthermore, subject matter experts from the military or industry will be consulted to ensure the program has validity.

Awaiting National Cadet Programs Approval means that the program has been approved by the National Cyber Programs Coordinator and has been submitted to the Director of National Cadet Programs for review. Some actions may only need NCP approval.

Awaiting National Command Approval means that the program has been approved by the Director of National Cadet Programs and is on its way for command review. Depending on the action, the National Commander may review the action directly or sent to another executive section (e.g. National Uniform Committee) for review prior to its approval.

Executed means that once the required approvals have been obtained, the National Cadet Cyber Programs team will execute the program at its respective echelon.




"To develop a cutting-edge and robust cyber-security education and training program, in efforts to prepare cadets (and seniors) for a career defending critical United States digital infrastructure."